Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary Winners 2013

Find out about the winners of Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries 2013 - and how being awarded the £500 has helped them with their postgraduate studies.

Bursary winners

Mary Haule, Postgraduate Diploma in Palliative Care, Cardiff University

Postgrad Bursary Winner Cardiff University “I was really glad to be awarded the Distance Learning Bursary worth £500!”

Mary Haule from Tanzania is undertaking a postgraduate diploma in Palliative Care at Cardiff University . Her choice of university was thanks to a colleague who is taking the same course, and she was really glad to be awarded the Distance Learning Bursary worth £500, having been worried about the possibility of having to postpone study due to being unable to pay fees, a common issue with postgraduate students, especially those in her setup.

Mary says of her decision to study palliative care, “I'm a nurse with very good experience in cancer care. During my studies, we covered a session of palliative care, which was very helpful to me and made me feel like helping other people who are suffering with terminal illness.”

She was inspired to take her course, in part due to the fact that in her home country of Tanzania 80% of diagnosed cancer patients in Tanzania have advanced cancer, which cannot be cured, making the need for palliative care great. She notes the lack of experience by many in the area, pointing towards her own experiences of her father's last days of life as an example of what drives her.

Of the course itself, she says it is “nice and enjoyable, since you learn how to comfort and relieve suffering of patients holistically.”

Yingru Lee, PhD in Accounting, University of Glasgow

Postgrad Bursary Winner University of Glasgow “I was excited to discover I had been awarded the PhD bursary!"

Yingru Lee is studying a PhD in Accounting at the University of Glasgow . She was excited to discover she had been awarded the PhD Bursary of £500, saying “it not only provides an important financial support for my research, but also gives me more encouragement in continuing my choice of being in academia.”

Yingru chose to study his PhD at the University of Glasgow due to having undertaken her masters degree there, so she already knew it was a great city to live in and a great university to study at. She’s also always found his supervisors to be very inspiring.

Speaking about living in Glasgow, Yingru says, “People here in Glasgow are very friendly and always willing to help. I am starting to get used to living here, even the accent makes me feel warmly welcome. The buildings here are amazing and look exactly like Hogwarts, or any castle you would ever dream of!

Regarding the course itself, she says, “I am particularly interested in how people actually think and behave when they encounter some thorny accounting problems.” Yingru’s accounting PhD allows her to “make some contributions to the decision-making process and professionalism in accounting.”

Yingru really enjoys the academic atmosphere, plus the numerous support in academic research that she receives on his PhD program, as well as the free and versatile research environment.

Jennifer Adams, MSc in Human Resource Management, University of Kent

Postgrad Bursary Winner University of Kent “I was really pleased to win the bursary – it was actually a bit of a shock!”

Jennifer Adams received our £500 Business Bursary for her MSc in Human Resource Management at the University of Kent . She said she found it a “bit of a shock!” but that it had helped relieve a lot of the pressure and financial worry.

Fiscally minded, Jenni was already savvy enough to have chosen the HRM course at Kent, which is CIPD accredited – meaning she gets “two qualifications for the price of one”, a major reason for choosing to study there – that and the fact that she studied there as an undergrad so already knew what a great place it is.

Like many postgraduates, Jennifer had undertaken an internship in her chosen area and absolutely loved it. She is really enjoying her course, and says, “The classes are interesting and engaging and we cover a wide range of subjects. The lecturer’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject really comes across in the classes!”

The University of Kent’s excellent reputation is another reason Jenni chose to study there, she notes that the university was “ranked in the UK top 20 this year, and that Kent Business School is currently ranked in the top 30 business schools in the UK.”

Summing up her experience, Jennifer says, “The financial aspect of completing a masters was a huge factor in my decision making and it is a large pressure. This bursary has definitely helped to relieve a bit of the pressure and financial worry.”

Jennifer loves living in beautiful Canterbury, describing it as a “home from home.”

Louise Sheppard, MSc in Health Psychology, University of Bath

Postgrad Bursary Winner University of Bath “Hearing I had won this bursary was brilliant news!”

Louise Sheppard, the recipient of one of our General Bursaries, is undertaking an MSc in Health Psychology at the University of Bath . Speaking about winning the £500 bursary she says, “Hearing I had won this bursary was brilliant news! I applied to study for a masters degree straight after graduating, but the tuition fee rose so I didn’t think I could afford to do it. I got myself an administrative job and saved up what I could over the year. I applied to the University of Bath a second time and was fortunate enough to be accepted a second time."

Louise chose to go back to university to become more employable in the future, having found that the field she wanted to go into requires “a lot of experience, both in the world of work and in education.”

Louise had initially wanted to study at the University of Bath at an undergraduate level, but as it is such a prestigious university she didn’t apply because she didn’t think she would get the grades. Now as a postgraduate she’s really glad I got a second chance to study and live there. She enthuses, “It’s a lovely area of the country, with a lot of history and culture. You can always find something to do.”

Tony Capon, MSc in Psychology, University of Derby

Postgrad Bursary winner University of Derby “I was absolutely over the moon to be awarded a Postgrad bursary!”

Tony Capon, a qualified psychotherapist who studied counseling and psychotherapy at undergraduate level, is the recipient of one of our two General Bursaries.

Tony is studying an MSc in Psychology at the University of Derby , and intends to apply for graduate membership with the British Psychological Society as part of his long-term goal of becoming a clinical psychologist.

Tony describes how he felt about winning the £500, “I was absolutely over the moon,” explaining further, “It was a struggle to try and budget enough money to cover my postgraduate tuition and even now there are still times when I worry if I’ll ever be able to fully afford it. The bursary has helped to slightly ease this pressure and allow me to redirect the energy from the worrying into my studies instead.”

Tony is the first person in his family to go to university, and has found it “an uphill struggle in terms of knowing what subjects to pick or what the experience would be like, it’s all been very much a learning curve I had to face on my own.”

Speaking about his university and life experiences he says, “My drive and determination lead me to working full time whilst studying, a trend I intend to continue with my choice of doing a distance learning postgraduate course.”

He loves studying psychology, particularly enjoying the wide variety of topics within the discipline that are covered by his postgraduate course, he explains, “These range from studying personality and individual differences to research methods and developmental psychology.”

The University of Derby is one of the only providers of this type of distance learning course that is accredited by the British Psychological Society, and is perfect for Tony as it enables him to continue to work whilst studying.

Joan Patricia Richardson, LLM, Manchester Metropolitan University

Postgrad Bursary winner
Manchester Metropolitan University “Winning the Postgrad Solutions bursary has boosted my confidence as I have many hurdles to overcome. It has given me the incentive to keep on going even though I am not the typical postgraduate.”

Following a disabling spinal injury, Joan Richardson decided it was time to revaluate her career – and rather than simply sit at home recovering she opted for the stimulation of study while recovering from her spinal surgery. During this time she studied an LLB – and as well as getting a first for this she also was awarded an Oxford University prize in 2012. She says, “I achieved this not because I am very academic but because I worked really hard and had drive and determination to succeed at a time when I could have just given up.”

Having rediscovered a passion for learning and law, Joan decided to undertake the masters program as her ambition is to teach and research at university level. Speaking about her future she explains, “I intend to undertake a PhD in September 2014 and I am currently looking for studentships.  I have a particular interest in crime victims and the law and human rights and health care.”

Joan is in her second year of studying the LLM having chosen a part time route due to having medical treatment which is now complete.  Speaking about her studies, she says, “I have achieved distinctions for my first year which is an indication that I have enjoyed the modules so far particularly Equality and Human rights. I have just completed a module on the Freedom, Security and Justice in the European Union an area I knew little about but it was taught with dedication and passion which has now transferred to me.”

She continues, “I am undertaking the LLM because I now have a desire to use the knowledge I have gained to give me a different and positive future (even at my age of 54).”

Joan chose to study at Manchester Met due to the modules on offer – particularly the human rights and equality based ones. She also opted for this university because they timetable the programme to suit people in work or who prefer a mix of university and home study. She enthuses, “I would recommend this program of study at MMU, and also encourage anyone whatever their circumstances to consider postgraduate study.” Joan doesn’t actually live in Manchester, but instead travels in from her home in North Wales when she needs to attend lectures and seminars.

Joan concludes, “I was absolutely delighted to win the £500. Having lost my job and career due to disability and finding myself without any income I am really grateful to be supported as I have exhausted my funds both for living and in fees for the study I have chosen.”

Babak Ziaei, Masters in Astronomy, University of Turku

University of Turku “Winning the £500 was an unexpected fortune that covers a small but nice dream and need in life.”

Babak, from Iran, has always liked to work on astronomy, astrophysics and astroparticle physics. He chose his postgraduate program at the University of Turku in Finland because it offered him a unique opportunity to obtain a wide and deep knowledge on these topics.

He explains, “The University of Turku is one of the top universities in this field and to my current understanding their researches are highly valued and unique. Wide range of courses are offered, and you feel you can relax while you study and experience a true professional academic environment.”

Babak really enjoys living in Finland, saying, “I live in Turku which is an average city in size with a lovely environment and a sense of peace. I find that the Finnish people that are friendly and welcome foreigners, plus many of them speak English and that makes life easier.” Of the university itself, he says, “There are many groups in different field of interests that you can register and enjoy your new social life.”  


Monika Myszczynska, MSc Neuroscience Research Training with International Placement, Keele University

Monika - Bursary Winner Keele University “Being awarded the £500 bursary has lifted a lot of pressure of me and my family. I would have certainly struggled without it!”

Monika Myszczynska is a 21-year-old student from Poland, who has spent 3 years studying neuroscience. This has given her a strong interest in scientific research into neurodegenerative diseases so she is now studying an MSc Neuroscience Research Training with International Placement at Keele University .

She says of her postgraduate program, “Having an opportunity to become a fully-trained laboratory worker whilst studying towards an MSc is incredible – plus it fully prepares you for what ‘being out there on the job market’ feels like.”

Monika has recently started the international placement part of her course and is currently studying at the University of Freiburg in Germany. The international placement was one of the aspects of the postgraduate program that really attracted her, and she is hoping to become fluent in German by the time she returns to the UK.

She initially chose to study at Keele University for her BSc in English and Neuroscience – and had such a great experience of the university that it was the perfect place to stay on for her postgraduate course. It also works well for her financially as the course she is on is actually the cheapest course of its kind in the UK.

She explains, “What I love about Keele is the beautiful, green campus and the strong community feeling. The range of extracurricular activities that you can engage in is wide and all students genuinely care and want to make Keele amazing.”

Monika was delighted to be awarded one of the Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries, explaining, “In spite of countless job applications and letters to various organisations asking for financial help, I have not succeeded in raising enough funds for tuition fees and living expenses.” She continues, “Therefore, being awarded the £500 bursary has lifted a lot of pressure of me and my family. I would have certainly struggled without it!”

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