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Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary Winners 2021

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Abdul D Knowles, LLM in Human Rights and Comparative Constitutional Law, University of Texas at Austin

Bursary Winner University of Texas at AustinUniversity of Texas at Austin“I was in disbelief!”

Abdul D Knowles is studying an LLM in Human Rights and Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of Texas at Austin.

Abdul was delighted when he found out he was the lucky recipient of a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries. He says, “I was in disbelief! I was also honoured that the team at Postgrad Solutions found my application compelling enough. The support from Postgrad Solution will go way beyond me, because my future work, helping vulnerable persons, could impact generations. “

Describing the reasons why he chose to study human rights at postgraduate level, the 45-year-old student from The Bahamas says, “I want to be a global voice protecting those that are deprived of the basic human rights. I feel led to work on the behalf of migrants, refugees and stateless persons. Returning to school will enable me to better understand current policies and laws meant to protect those persons.”

Abdul is finding his course to be very fulfilling, and he welcomes the steep learning curve and finding out about things that he was previously unaware of. He is also enjoying meeting like-minded people, as he explains. “I am enjoying meeting persons (professors and students) with similar passions that are already making a global impact in regards to protecting migrants, refugees and asylum seeker.”

Speaking about his chosen place of study – The University of Texas at Austin – he says, “I am impressed with the graduate admissions team that care about my career success and the impact I could have after graduation. I am encouraged.”

He continues, “The University of Texas at Austin had the perfect concentration, was good value for money and a has remarkable and very supportive Graduate and International Admissions team at the law school. The school spirit is amazing! I truly feel part of a family. Go Longhorns! Hook Em!”

Abdul did an undergraduate degree in business which he found academically fulfilling, however it was while studying this that he discovered his real passion is to advocate on behalf of refugees, migrants, stateless persons, and others whose rights are violated.

Speaking about, Abdul says, “The site is very professional and easy to navigate for tons of useful information. Also, the testimonies and journeys of other students is encouraging.”

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Jordan Kane, MSc in Medical Art, University of Dundee

Bursary Winner University of DundeeUniversity of Dundee“I feel very grateful as it has come at a good time.”

Jordan Kane is studying an MSc in Medical Art at the University of Dundee.

She was very surprised when she found out she’d been awarded a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary worth £500 as she had applied for it a long time ago. She says, “I was shocked, as I had applied a year ago and forgotten all about it. It was nice to get that email out of the blue – I feel very grateful as it has come at a good time.”

The 28-year-old Scottish student is really enjoying her course so far, enthusing, “I love the course, it’s challenging and intense but I’m learning a lot. A highlight for me would be learning 3D modelling and animation as it is something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Jordan studied Fine Art as an undergraduate and this led her on to her postgraduate course choice. She explains, “Following on from a Fine Art degree I wanted to direct my skills towards a field that would help people. I always had a keen interest in the human body and science especially after writing my dissertation on the ethics of bio-art. This course is a perfect merge of science and art, my two favourite things!”

She continues, “I’ve always been dedicated to developing my drawing skills from a young age and knew it would be my career somehow. My family have always just assumed I would go to art school and supported me the whole way. Seeing the medical art degree show one year made me certain that I wanted to go in this direction as all the work was fascinating.” 

Jordan chose to study her postgraduate program at the University of Dundee because this is where she studied as an undergraduate and it is the best university for medical art in the UK. She also very much enjoys living in Dundee, saying, “It’s so small you can walk everywhere, never spend any money on taxis” – which is rather handy for a student!

Talking about our website,, Jordan says, “I think is a very useful site with a lot of good information.”

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Anthony Ifeacho, Computing Conversion Course, University of Kent

Bursary Winner 2021 University of KentUniversity of Kent“I was very surprised and grateful – thanks a lot for your support!”

Anthony Ifeacho is studying a Computing Conversion Course at the University of Kent. He was really pleased to be a lucky recipient of one of our £500 Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries, saying, "I was very surprised and grateful to be offered the bursary. Thanks a lot for your support! I applied for the bursary previously as well albeit unsuccessfully and had just about forgotten about it when I heard I’d been selected for the bursary. I was relieved as it eases my financial worries studying a masters course." 

The 22-year-old British Nigerian student is very pleased with his choice of course, explaining, “Thus far it has been a rewarding experience, I have learnt so much and have had the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. It has been a hard road for me, but I am very grateful for how it has all turned out.”

Having completed his undergraduate degree in London Anthony decided to cast his net a little bit wider for the location of his postgraduate university. Speaking about his choice of the University of Kent, he says, “After a lot of personal deliberation and wider research I decided to study at the University of Kent as it seemed to offer a stimulating campus environment for postgraduate learning. The close proximity to where I studied my undergraduate degree in London was an added bonus.”

Anthony is finding his studies fulfilling so far and is enjoying his steady progress in the world of computing and coding, explaining, “I’ve most enjoyed being able to progress from writing a line of simple Java code to creating relatively short but functional programs and web interfaces.” He continues, “Seeing the progress being made day by day as well as my applications of it more practically, has been thoroughly rewarding."

Anthony used to help get him on the right path for his postgraduate journey, and says of our site, “The Postgrad website is a very useful tool for those who are looking to remain in education but are not aware of all the opportunities available to them.”

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Martha Dunlea, MA in Acting for Screen, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

Bursary Winner 2021 Royal CentralRoyal Central“I was over the moon when I found out about this bursary.” 

Martha Dunlea is studying an MA in Acting for Screen at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

The 29-year-old Irish student was delighted when she found out she’d been awarded a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary, saying, “I was over the moon when I found out about this bursary. I felt very lucky and am extremely grateful to everyone at Postgrad Solutions for helping me achieve my dreams!”

Martha chose RCSSD for her studies because it is one of the most reputable drama schools worldwide, and the course that she has selected is focused specifically on the area of acting that she wants to work in in the future – and she has not been disappointed, enthusing, “I am loving every minute of my course so far. The teachers are amazing and I'm learning so much.” Martha’s undergraduate degree was a BA in Acting too, but the focus of this course was more on theatre training, therefore RCSSD’s MA is the perfect option for her to upskill in her chosen field.

She is also very much enjoying her relocation to the capital city, explaining, “Living in London has been amazing so far – there is so much to do and see here!”

Speaking about as a useful postgraduate tool – not to mention the bursary funding opportunity it provides – Martha says, “Postgrad Solutions have been amazing to deal with. I would recommend any postgrad student to apply!”

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Emily Young, MSc in Counselling, University of Lincoln

Bursary Winner University of LincolnUniversity of Lincoln“I didn’t believe it at first!”

Emily Young is studying an MSc in Counselling at the University of Lincoln. She was very surprised when she found out she was the lucky recipient of a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary worth £500, exclaiming, “I didn’t believe it at first! This was obviously then followed by feelings of being incredibly grateful for the support in my learning, and excited for my studying ahead! “ 

Emily is delighted with her course so far, enthusing, “I am so pleased that it has given the opportunity to work with, and help, so many different people, and help them (and myself!) re-integrate socially after Covid-19 took away the ability to socialise with others. It is difficult to choose one specific highlight as I have been afforded so many brilliant opportunities, but I would say that being given the chance on my placement has been incredible, as it has really given me the tools I will need to do what I have always wanted to do.”

The University of Lincoln’s MSc in Counselling is a brand new course, in fact Emily is in their first intake students. She says, “Their course looked brilliant, as it allowed us to do the work and learning in a shorter time scale than other universities were offering, which obviously meant we’re able to achieve our goals quicker. This obviously means lots of intense work and studying as we have had to fit the same amount of learning into a shorter time scale, but I knew this when choosing the university!” 

The 25-year-old British student chose to study an MSc in Counselling because she has always wanted to be able to help people, she says, “I feel from the experiences I have been given that it is my responsibility to give back to other people and actively try to make a difference, where I can.” She continues, “I benefited from having a safe space and someone to talk to when I was younger. This was sometimes family, but I also had therapy, and this really helped. Since then, I have always wanted to be that person to someone else and see if I can make that difference. I have always enjoyed the academic side of my ambitions too, and having completed a BA Hons in Psychology and Counselling, I needed to further this with a masters degree, in order to reach my goal of becoming a counsellor. My dad is a huge inspiration to me as he has worked for everything he has, and even though he is in his sixties, he has recently finished a bachelors degree, taken on an apprentice, and still attends CPD to continue his own learning.”  

 Emily is a big fan of, finding it to be a very useful resource. She says, “I know it has really helped me in my learning and there should be more sites like this available to postgraduate students.” She also very much appreciates the funding opportunities offered by Postgrad Solutions, saying “With postgraduate learning being very expensive, and so many career paths requiring a higher level of qualifications, the opportunity to receive help is just incredible and really does make a difference.”

We are so pleased to help Emily fulfil her career aspirations with one of our Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries!

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Katie Newton, MA Screenwriting, MetFilm School

Bursary Winner 2021 MetFilm SchoolMetFilm School“I felt wonderfully surprised and overjoyed in a most unexpected way.”

Katie L Newton is studying an MA in Screenwriting at MetFilm School. She was really pleased when she found out she’d been awarded a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary, saying, “I felt wonderfully surprised and overjoyed in a most unexpected way.”

The 43-year-old British student has chosen this postgraduate program to pursue a career in this field. She says, “Writing for TV, Film and Theatre was something I wanted to do in my lifetime; I always knew I would come back to it someday later in life, and I have remained true to that original intention.”

Continuing to explain the reasons behind her choice of university, Katie says, “There are three reasons why I decided to study at MetFilm for my MA in Screenwriting. First, MetFilm is a London-based film school with an excellent reputation for launching the careers of industry-ready filmmakers and screen creatives. Unlike other MA Screenwriting courses that I had previously researched, it offered many vocational industry-based modules and the opportunity to collaborate with other MA film disciplines. The second reason is that the University of West London underwrites all MetFilm’s degree courses so that you can access two excellent campuses. MetFilm School is the ideal place to study screenwriting; as Katie explains, “MetFilm prepares its screenwriters to leave school with a varied and comprehensive portfolio of original work as a calling card to approach agents and producers as a freelance screenwriter for hire.” Finally, MetFilm shares the same lot as the world-famous Ealing Studios, the oldest working film studio in the world. Walking past the sound stages to attend classes and seeing the everyday hubbub of actual commercial TV, film and advertising productions is exciting and inspiring.”

When asked about her course highlights to date, Katie struggles to narrow it down as she is enjoying it so much. She enthuses, “Can I say all of it? In all seriousness, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to sit down, think and study the craft of screenwriting. If I had to pick just two things, I would say working with directors to make my words come alive on screen and writing my first ever feature film and a historical TV pilot.”

Katie’s undergraduate degree was a BA in Media Production, which she studied at the University of Humberside and Lincolnshire from 1996-99 – this university later became the University of Lincoln in 2001. Since her graduation, she has worked across three different interconnecting careers: Web Development, Journalism, and Digital Marketing & Advertising.

As she was already living in London, Katie didn’t have to relocate for her postgraduate studies. Instead, she commutes to the Ealing campus from her flat in SE London using public transport. She says, “Ealing itself has a beautiful village feel about it, plus it is a fun place to study. There are lots to do and see and plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy yourself within walking distance of the campuses. MetFilm students have several local pubs, The Grove, The Red Lion and The Castle.”

Speaking about, Katie says, “ is a handy tool, especially when I was first looking and comparing similar MA Screenwriting courses. Once I was accepted at MetFilm, I continued to use to find additional information about Funding, Bursaries, and Accommodation. Because I am neurodivergent (ADHD and ASD), I was also looking at the criteria and information regarding Disabled Student Allowance (DSA).”

We are so glad that we have been able to help!

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Amina Saidu Kakangi, MSc in Global Mental Health, University of Glasgow

Bursary Winner 2021 University of GlasgowUniversity of Glasgow“I’m really happy!”

Amina Saidu Kakangi is studying an MSc in Global Mental Health at the University of Glasgow. She was surprised and delighted when she found out she’d been awarded a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary worth £500, saying, “The bursary payment came as a surprise – I’m really happy!”

The 34-year-old student is a medical doctor from Nigeria who specialises in mental health, and says, “This masters program is a great opportunity for me to widen my scope and develop myself.” Explaining further, Amina says, “I chose this specific postgraduate program because it has a lot of impact on the mental health policies and plans and progresses for countries and continents.”

Amina chose the University of Glasgow because it was the best university that she could find for offering both onsite and online Masters in Global Mental Health. She explains, “They both have the same certificate. It is flexible and so far I like their quick and considerate responses.” 

She is really enjoying the course so far, explaining “I have been exposed to an introduction and it promises to be fulfilling, engaging and enriching.”

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Amy Cole, LLM, University of Wolverhampton

Bursary Winner 2021 University of WolverhanmptonUniversity of Wolverhampton“I felt overwhelmed as I really struggled last year both financially and mentally.”

Amy Cole is studying an LLM at the University of Wolverhampton. The British student, 34, was really relieved when she found out she’d been awarded a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary worth £500, explaining, “I felt overwhelmed as I really struggled last year both financially and mentally.”

She chose to study an LLM (Master of Laws) alongside her LPC (Legal Practice course) as this is a direct route to the career as a solicitor that she wants to pursue. And she is really enjoying the course so far, explaining, “It’s very client based so it gets you used to the environment and the work you’re going to go into.” 

Amy is studying her LLM and LPC at the University of Wolverhampton because it’s close to where she was already living and the childcare that she needs to use. Speaking about the city, she says, “It’s my hometown so everything is known to me.” 

When asked why she chose to study law in the first place, Amy says, “To be honest I just wanted to throw myself in the deep end what better to study than law?” 

What better subject indeed?

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