Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary Winners 2017

Find out about our Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary Winners 2017 by reading about what they are studying, where they are studying it, and how the £500 is going to help them with their postgraduate studies.

And then take the time to apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary 2018, and this time next year it could be you!

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Lauren Eglen, PhD in American Studies, University of Nottingham

“Self-funding a PhD is a very big decision and receiving the bursary has not only helped relieve some financial pressure but also given me further motivation and confidence in my ability to complete my PhD.”

British student Lauren Eglen, 23, is studying a PhD in American Studies at the University of Nottingham.

Lauren is very pleased with her chosen postgrad program, and says, ”I am very much enjoying my course so far and the freedom a PhD is giving me to delve in to my research on African American women’s activism post WWII. I am also enjoying being part of a postgraduate community that provides not only academic but also social support.”

She was delighted and relieved when she found out she’d been awarded a prestigious Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary. She says, “I was extremely happy and grateful to receive the £500 bursary from Postgrad Solutions. Self-funding a PhD is a very big decision and receiving the bursary has not only helped relieve some financial pressure but also given me further motivation and confidence in my ability to complete my PhD.”

Speaking about her future ambitions, Lauren says, “It is my hope to become a lecturer in US History with a special focus on the black freedom struggle. Although my background is in History, I chose an American Studies PhD as it provides the opportunity for more interdisciplinary study and will enable to me develop further my research and teaching skills. A PhD in American Studies moreover provides the chance to engage with current social and political debates surrounding issues such as race relations and police brutality, employment, gender discrimination and immigration that are of national and global importance.”

Lauren chose the University of Nottingham as the base for her PhD program as its department of American and Canadian Studies is the largest in Europe providing access to some of the best academics in the field as well as excellent opportunities for outreach and engagement. The University of Nottingham hosts the Centre for Research Race and Rights which provides opportunities to engage with the public and a network of scholars who recognise their role in social justice.

Before coming to Nottingham to study her PhD in American Studies Lauren did an undergraduate degree in History and an MA in Race & Resistance at the University of Leeds. It was then that she realised she wanted to carry on her academic career. And she loves her new student city, saying, ”Nottingham is a vibrant multicultural city with a lot to offer students. It’s a great place to live for a night out as well having a lot of scenic countryside nearby and local culture spots meaning there is always something to do.”

And finally Lauren has a few words to say about, citing it as a very useful student resource, “I think is an excellent resource for both prospective and current postgraduate students. It is really helpful in finding out not only what courses are out there but also providing excellent advice on the different types of funding available.” She concludes, “I think the blog posts also provide an insight in to current postgraduate’s experiences and what to expect from a postgraduate degree.”

Maybe we'll be able to read more about Lauren's postgrad experience in our Postgrad blog in the near future...

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Andrea C Simmons, MSc Applied Psychology For Fashion Professionals, University of the Arts London

“When I found out I was a winner, I was in total shock and said OMG!”

Andrea Simmons is a 44-year-old British student at the University of the Arts London (UAL). She is studying an MSc in Applied Psychology For Fashion Professionals.  

Although she has only just begun her postgrad program – she is enjoying it immensely as it is the perfect masters program to amalgamate all her skills and experience into the two subjects she most enjoys.

Andrea was delighted when she discovered she’d been awarded a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary. She says, “When I found out I was a winner, I was in total shock and said OMG!” She continues, “I still have to pinch myself.”

Speaking about her course and her future ambitions she says, “I am doing the course as a basis to doing a PhD to develop a business framework for a new educational design program incorporating fashion therapy and conceptual design in fashion for unsung talent.

Andrea chose London as the base for her postgrad studies because it is one ion the leading fashion capitals of the world. And she chose to study at UAL because, in her words, “if you want the best you need to go to the best UK educational service provider for fashion”.

She has harboured an interest in fashion and psychology since childhood, and these passions are still burning strong now she is in adulthood. She explains, “Although I have excelled academically, I feel one is never too old to learn or can be a victim of knowing too much. So I am adding another string to my bow, with my two areas of passion, in a bid to achieve my goal to get recognition for my achievements.”

Andrea is a regular user of, finding it to be an extremely useful tool for postgrad students worldwide. She says, “ is a great platform for students to get information on a global level and host a cool user-friendly environment.”

We wish Andrea good luck with her current masters studies, and look forward to hearing about how she gets on with her future PhD!

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Christina Diab, MSc in Actuarial Science, University of Southampton

“I am very thankful for the award which definitely helps to alleviate my financial burden!”

21-year-old Christina Diab is a Lebanese student studying an MSc in Actuarial Science at the University of Southampton.

Christina is excited and passionate about her postgrad program and even though she’s only a couple of weeks in is enjoying the MSc in Actuarial Science immensely. She exclaims, “I am enjoying learning more about the actuarial science field, I am in my element this is a dream come true!

Christina was really pleased when she discovered she’d been awarded a prestigious Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary. She says, “I feel extremely honoured and appreciative for receiving this significant award which boosts my confidence and gives me inspiration to realise my dreams in becoming an actuary.” She continues, “I am very thankful for the award which definitely helps to alleviate my financial burden needed to complete my postgraduate studies at the University of Southampton.”

She chose to come to the UK to study her postgrad program because of its excellent teaching reputation - and was very brave in making this decision as she has never lived abroad before. However her bravery has paid off as she is more than impressed with her chosen university, the University of Southampton. She says, “The high level of teaching at the University of Southampton inspires me even more to make the very best of this opportunity.” And this enthusiasm extends to the location of her chosen university, too. “Southampton is one of the most beautiful cities in England,” says Christina. “It is a cosmopolitan city, I had the chance to meet people from all over the world. It has the most amazing nature, I really like walking in its parks while enjoying its beautiful weather. This city is also rich in its culture. Visiting Southampton’s museums has been a pleasure.”

Christina has always had a passion for mathematics and before undertaking her postgrad course she studied a bachelors degree in Mathematics with a minor in Statistics at AUB (American University of Beirut). She explains, “I have worked hard on my studies throughout my three years of undergraduate studies. After scoring the highest grades in the statistics module, my professor encouraged me to continue my studies in a new field that combines mathematics, statistics and finance skills: Actuarial Science.”

Describing her postgraduate course content further, Christina says, “Data nowadays is as important as oil in the 18th century. Without data and analytics, businesses will not be able to compete and prosper. I find it fascinating how Mathematics can be used practically on this data to help people make concrete decisions. It is most helpful in drawing financial forecasts, and helping businesses avoid monetary risks. Hence my desire to pursue my studies with a Masters in Actuarial Sciences to acquire the skills of an actuary.

Christina thinks that is the ideal first port of call for those considering postgraduate education. She explains, “ is an excellent website for potential postgraduate students. It has all the information they need to decide where to study all gathered in one place.” And in fact she can endorse this personally. “ introduced me to the University of Southampton. Through this website, I was able to know more about the university and their MSc in Actuarial Science program.”

We are so pleased that we paid such an important role in helping Christina find her perfect postgrad program – and wish her all the best with her postgrad studies. 

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Iraklis Manganas, MSc in Human Resources Management and Business, Aston University Business School

“I am very grateful and thankful to have been selected among thousands of students.”

Iraklis Manganas is a 26-year-old from Greece. He is studying an MSc in Human Resources Management and Business at Aston University Business School.

Iraklis has chosen to pursue a postgrad program in HR because it’s an area that he’s really interested in and he feels it will open a wealth of future opportunities to him. He explains, “I have decided to take up a masters degree in HR, as i believe it will help me develop my skills in order to be competitive and valuable in the market. I would be really impressed to have a HR role in a large company, helping employees increase their performance, motivating them, hiring the right people for the job, developing employees with great skills in order to cope more effectively with business issues.”

Winning a £500 Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary came as something of a shock to Iraklis. He explains, “I was actually surprised and delighted when I found out I have been awarded a scholarship. This scholarship boosted my confidence and will give me a motivation to keep up with my studies and come out stronger mentally and in terms of high knowledge. I am very grateful and thankful to have been selected among thousands of students.”

Speaking about Iraklis says, “It is an extremely useful website and incredible tool, and is very beneficial to both undergraduate and postgraduate students as it contains plenty of information in terms of studies and living abroad.”

Despite initial feelings of anxiety about his course, Iraklis has embraced its challenges and is enjoying his studies. He says, “To be honest the very first days I was quite anxious but I have already managed to keep up with the masters workload. The course is very challenging but also fascinating.”

He chose Aston University because of its excellent reputation in terms of leading business school and the fact that it is accredited by CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). Another important factor for Iraklis was the fact that Aston always ranks well for student satisfaction and academic excellence., and has a focus on entrepreneurship as well. He also loves living in Birmingham finding it the perfect base to hone his skills, meet mew people, and explore the rest of the UK. “Birmingham is large, cosmopolitan and multicultural city which gives me the opportunity to interact with a diverse environment and learn about different cultures. There is plenty of things to do as there are numerous facilities and great access to London and my other beautiful cities by train.” 

Happy exploring Iraklis!

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Lauren King, MSc Food Policy, City University of London

“I felt really lucky to have been chosen for the Postgrad Solutions bursary.”

26-year-old Lauren King is studying an MSc in Food Policy at City University London. A British student she has chosen to study her postgrad program via distance learning.

Just two weeks into her studies and Lauren is really pleased with her decision to go back to university. She explains, “I have rediscovered my passion for learning and debating.“ She chose City University London because it is world famous for its MSc in Food Policy, and features well respected lecturers and experts like Tim Lang and Corinna Hawkes.

Lauren was delighted and inspired when she found out she’d been awarded a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary. She explains, “I felt really lucky to have been chosen for the Postgrad Solutions bursary. It gave me a great deal of confidence that I have chosen the right path in deciding to go back to university.”

She has spent the last five years working in community farms and small-scale agriculture projects with vulnerable people, and during this time she has seen the benefit to peoples’ health and wellbeing. As a result of this experience she decided to study an MSc in Food Policy so that she can be a knowledgeable advocate for local farming and gain a wider insight into the world of food security. She says, “I am compelled to learn about other elements of the food system which I may not have considered in my avocation of local farming – what would be the implications for other countries for instance? How can we mitigate problems that will happen in the supply chain if we shift to a more localised food system? I am hoping to gain a broader perspective on food policy which will inform my opinions.”

As she is a distance learner, Lauren is still working on a community supported agriculture project in Bristol, so she only gets to visit City University very occasionally. She says, “I feel that this allows me to get the best from both worlds as I can still work on an urban farm in Bristol but get to experience the buzz of London once a month when I attend class in person.”

Lauren first became interested in community gardening and food policy during her undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology. During this time she conducted a small research project in Brighton about ‘guerilla gardening’ and was inspired by the way people were challenging the food system and land laws through growing food in neglected spaces. It was this research that lead to her work in community farms and subsequent interest in Food Policy. She says, “After working in community gardens and small scale agriculture projects with vulnerable people for almost five years, I have come to believe that the current food system favours large corporations and intensive farming over public health and wellbeing. Therefore, my personal approach to food and food production is to learn to grow my own crops and to work for my local Community Supported Agriculture project. This is an attempt to support a more localised food system.”

Lauren is a big fan of, saying, “The website is really helpful for potential students who need help with where to look for a course and the type of courses available. It’s also great to get top tips for being a postgraduate which can help people plan their studies.”

Apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary

Callum Wood, Graduate Diploma In Law, Cardiff University

“It’s come as huge relief in terms of finance, lessening the stress of funding my course.”

Callum Wood, is a 21-year-old British student doing a Graduate Diploma In Law (GDL) at Cardiff University.

Speaking about his studies to date, Callum says, ”I’m the first generation in my family to attend university, therefore the idea of going onto undergraduate study was a rather daunting thought at first. I’ve been lucky to have the help and support of my family, providing accommodation for me and helping me during challenging periods of my degree.” He continues, “Having just come from an undergraduate degree the idea of postgraduate study was something that appealed to me, but it also concerned me financially. I knew how many applicants Postgrad Solutions receive for their bursaries and so it came as a huge surprise when I was notified that I’d been successful over thousands of other people. It’s also come as huge relief in terms of finance, lessening the stress of funding my course. It will mean that I won’t need to put as many hours into my part-time job and therefore can focus fully on my studies, so I thank Postgrad Solutions for that!”

Callum studied an undergraduate degree in History and it was a criminal law module in his final year that cemented his decision go on to study a GDL. Speaking of his postgrad program Callum says, “The course is very challenging and intense, but I’m enjoying learning and developing my knowledge within law every day. I particularly like the style of teaching our tutorials adopt because it allows for a great deal of interaction and discussion between classmates. The course highlight was the opportunity to apply for a place on a Pro Bono scheme which will provide a great deal of work-experience if I’m successful.”

He has always lived in Cardiff and carried out his undergrad studies at Cardiff University, so felt it was only right to undertake his GDL at Cardiff University too. He says, “I was always aware of Cardiff’s high standards as a Russell Group university and so I felt it was the place in which I’d get the most out of my studies.”

Speaking about his hometown he says, “The city-centre in Cardiff provides great night life for a student and it’s also something you can appreciate during the daytime, whether it be shopping, eating out or visiting attractions such as Cardiff Castle.

Callum finds a great resource, enthusing, “I think the website is a massively useful tool for students considering postgraduate study and it provides all of the information needed for making a decision to do so. Personally, I found the open day events and funding options to be very helpful tools during my transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study.”

We wish Callum all the best in his postgrad studies.

Apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary

Antonia Instone, MBA, Warwick Business School

“I’m delighted to have been chosen from among so many candidates, and will really appreciate the financial help.” 

Antonia Instone, 34, from Britain, is studying a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Warwick Business School. When considering her postgraduate options Antonia used to help her weigh up where to study and how to fund her course. She explains, “It was a valuable source of information that helped point me in the right direction. I’d definitely suggest that others considering postgrad study look at it for help and advice.” 

Antonia decided to consider studying the MBA at Warwick because it is really highly regarded, and then a visit to Warwick Business School cemented her decision. She explains, “When I visited the business school, it felt like somewhere I could learn lots, and also have a valued contribution to make.”

Antonia completed her undergraduate degree 11 years ago and since then has been working in the not-for-profit sector. Studying an MBA is quite a departure from this but she is loving being back in education. She enthuses, “It’s been brilliant being challenged again academically. Getting to grips with why industries operate as they do, lifting the lid on why firms have succeeded or failed, how services are delivered and why we make buying decisions as we do – it’s all been fascinating. Outside the pure academics, I’m really enjoying getting to know the rest of my cohort.” 

She says, “I wanted to change the direction of my career, and the MBA offered a great platform for learning a huge range of different things that would open up new opportunities and possible directions. It’s a really fascinating mix of different diverse business disciplines, all in one super-intensive package, so I’m getting the benefit of learning lots, really fast.” 

Antonia was delighted when she found out she’d been awarded one of the sought-after x15 Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries. She says, “I’m delighted to have been chosen from among so many candidates, and will really appreciate the financial help. Thank you!”

Speaking about her future Antonia says, “I hope that the combination of my previous experience and all that I am learning will lead somewhere exciting, and where I can continue to make a real difference.” 

We wish you all the best for your future career Antonia! 

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Olatz Román Blanco, Masters in Economics and Finance, Barcelona GSE

“I felt absolutely honoured and thankful”

Olatz Román Blanco is a 22-year-old Spanish student studying a Masters in Economics and Finance at Barcelona GSE.

So far she is finding her course both challenging and rewarding, saying, “To be honest, it is a very difficult course, but I knew it would be and the challenge makes me enjoy it even more.” She continues, “The professors are wonderful; they ensure a proper understanding of the concepts you need and are willing to help you with anything you need. Additionally, us students have to work a lot on our own, to interiorize, prove and expand this knowledge received, which is usually done in groups of collaborating students.”

Olatz was extremely surprised when she found out she’d been awarded a prestigious Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary. She explains, “I could not even believe it, I felt absolutely honoured and thankful for the trust you put on me.” 

Before starting her Masters in Economics and Finance at Barcelona GSE, Olatz studied a bachelor degree in Economics, she explains, “The reason I studied economics in the first place was that my deep belief of it as a tool for helping people, for making a change. I think the best contribution I can make to this is through research.” Therefore, when she finished her bachelor degree she felt that she needed more knowledge in this field to continue with her ambitions of economics research, so she decided to enroll in this masters program. “I wanted to study a masters program that would provide the theoretical basis needed in order to have a deep understanding of economic theory, by supplying the analytical tools required to be applied in research. My main goal enrolling in this master was to acquire the necessary basis to be able to develop a research career in the future.”

Barcelona GSE is such a prestigious institution that Olatz almost didn’t apply to study there as she felt she wouldn’t have a chance of getting onto her chosen program. Luckily her professors encouraged her to give it a try – and the rest is history!

Barcelona itself is a vibrant European city with a thriving student population Olatz is really enjoying living in there. She says, “I had never lived in such a big city as Barcelona and I did not what to expect from it. I am very happy here. Being so big, there are many activities every single day, so there is no time to get bored. I enjoy cultural activities and there is always a hidden art gallery, an unexpected concert or some interesting seminar to go to. On top of that, the lovely weather and the beach are the best escape after a hard day in the library.

Olatz only discovered when searching for ways to fund her postgraduate education. She explains, “I had not heard of before applying for this bursary, but now that I know it I will definitely use it when searching for other interesting programs after I finish this course.” 

Please keep us updated on the postgraduate program you study next, Olatz!

Apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary

Lara Arif, MSc Air Transport Management, Cranfield University

“I felt really honoured, blessed and delighted!”

27-year-old Lara Arif is studying an MSc Air Transport Management at Cranfield University.

Lara is really enjoying her course to date, explaining, “I am loving the course so far because I gained so much knowledge in a short period of time. The highlights so far are the guest lecturers which give an in-depth knowledge about the industry at a very high level.”

She was absolutely thrilled to discover she was a lucky recipient of a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary, enthusing, “The feeling was incredible! I felt really honoured, blessed and delighted." Speaking about the bursaries she says, " They're a really good initiative to help students alleviate their financial stress and at the same time invoke a sense of achievement and a feeling of pride.”

Lara came to the UK-based university from the Netherlands because of the excellent industry links Cranfield has with the aviation industry. She explains, “The reason why I have chosen for Cranfield University is because of its network with different companies within the Aeronautical and Space industry. Huge companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Emirates, Ryan Air, Easy jet etc. will visit the university either as guest lecturers or to find potential employees for their companies and thus the opportunities that you will get after finishing this course are excellent. Since such great companies are showing the interest in Cranfield candidates that means too that the course given by this university is of high quality and is very much liked by the industry.

Another factor that helped Lara to choose her postgraduate university was, she explains, “ is absolutely useful in terms of being aware of how many various courses there are and for which courses you can ask funding for. It may be all common information for those already living in the UK, however, it isn’t common for foreigners like me. This site helped me very much and made me aware of how many various courses there are and the university options.”

Lara decided to enter the aviation industry after doing a skydive in 2010, she explains, “It is because of that jump that my life was all about Aeronautical as well as Space Industry. My motivation, inspiration and aspiration are in these two industries. They say the more you learn the more you realise how less you actually know. This was exactly how I felt after graduating as an Aeronautical Engineer. Now on the MSc in Air Transport Management I am more than happy to develop and learn more and (again) experience how little I know!”

Good luck with your quest for knowledge Lara!

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Stephanie Costello, MSc Sustainable Resource Management, National University of Ireland Galway and University of Limerick

“It is a great motivation to do well in the course!”

30-year-old Stephanie Costello is studying a joint MSc in Sustainable Resource Management; Policy and Practice at the National University of Ireland Galway and the University of Limerick.

She chose this masters program because she wanted to learn how environmental issues can be managed so that humans are provided for without being at the detriment of other species, ecosystems or the environment. She explains, “I am particularly interested in how everyday, individual actions can collectively have an impact on the planet e.g. in the form of energy we use, items we buy and how they are produced, how we build our homes, forms of transport and how we use land and sea.”

Stephanie was really surprised to discover she’d been awarded one of the sought-after Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries worth £500, saying, “I was surprised to have won, especially when I learned about the volume of interest, and I was so delighted. It is a great motivation to do well in the course and reminds me of why I undertook this masters.”

She is really enjoying the course so far and loves the topics she is studying, “I like the course because of the mix of theory, including international, national and local policy and legislation, and also practical skills, including survey techniques. I am particularly enjoying the fieldtrips as this helps to put the theory into context.”

Stephanie is a fan of, finding it to be an extremely useful tool for would-be postgrad students. She says, “I think the website is a great resource for people thinking about taking on postgraduate studies as it assembles a lot of information in one place. I found it particularly helpful in clarifying the different classes of qualification available at postgraduate level.”

The postgraduate course that Stephanie has chosen to study is a joint masters between the National University of Ireland Galway, and University of Limerick – two great colleges with great reputations – and an added bonus is that studying this program meant that she could move back to her hometown of Galway for her studies.

Prior to embarking on her postgrad studies, Stephanie previously worked as a veterinary nurse. She reflects, “I was becoming increasingly concerned with the impact of humans on the natural world and particularly on wild animals. I struggled to understand why we cherished and cared for certain animals but often didn’t show the same empathy for wild animals and birds. This is part of why I chose the course. I wanted to understand how habitats and species can be protected and also, to learn how to convince people they should care about the environment in an active way.”

It looks like she has finally found the perfect way to channel her passions for nature and the environment – good luck with your postgrad course Stephanie!

Apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary

Fern Stewart, MSc Psychological Studies Conversion Course, University of Glasgow

“I was delighted to find out I had been awarded £500 by Postgrad Solutions!”

26-year-old Fern Stewart is studying an MSc in Psychological Studies Conversion Course at the University of Glasgow.

She was really pleased when she found out she’d been awarded a £500 Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary, saying, “I was delighted to find out I had been awarded £500 by Postgrad Solutions! It has certainly eased some of the financial pressure I felt.”

Fern has chosen to study the MSc Psychological Studies Conversion Course because she wants to become a clinical psychologist, and the first step to fulfilling that ambition is becoming accredited with the British Psychological Society. She explains, “Most people achieve this accreditation through an undergraduate degree in Psychology. This course allows me to achieve the same in just one year and opens up opportunities for me to enter further study and work experience in the field of occupational psychology.”

Fern’s route to becoming a psychologist has been far from orthodox, but that is what makes this conversion course so invaluable. She explains, “My academic path started with an undergraduate degree in law. I soon realised that law was not for me and decided to take some time to travel and figure out what I wanted to do. This resulted in me becoming a ski instructor for a couple of years and then working in sales.” Although all of these roles seem quite different, Fern realised that they shared a common theme in that she enjoyed interaction with people and helping them. Then, earlier in 2017, she was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease which causes joint pain and chronic fatigue, but rather then let this hold her back, the diagnosis compelled Fern to pursue her dreams. She says, “This made me more determined than ever to pursue a career that allows me to support and help other people in distressing times. Therefore a career in clinical psychology is my ultimate goal.”

She is really enjoying the course so far, although she admits it is very intensive and challenging. Fern says, “I am essentially squeezing the main components of an undergraduate degree into just one year.” Continuing to describe her course, she says, “The highlights have included learning how to conduct my own psychological research, especially conducting a focus group on the impact of social media on university students.” 

Speaking about, Fern agrees with us that it is an invaluable tool for wannabe postgrads, saying, “ is a fantastic tool for prospective postgrad students. The blogs and student case studies give great insights into what universities really offer in their courses. The advice you can glean from the website helps reassure you that you're making an informed choice.” 

And after doing her postgrad course research Fern chose to study at the University of Glasgow because it has a great reputation in terms of its research and quality of teaching. She also finds the location in the Scottish city of Glasgow appealing, enthusing, “I think Glasgow is a fabulously diverse city to live in. There is a vibrant student community with great nightlife. Glasgow is also within easy travelling distance of other major towns and cities so it is easy to get away for a day.”

We wish Fern all the best in fulfilling her ambition to become a psychologist and look forward to following her progress.

Apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary

Riya Prem Raaj, Global Professional Master of Laws, University of Toronto 

“It is an honour to list this bursary on my CV!”

Riya Prem Raaj, a 24-year-old LLM student from India, is studying her Global Professional Master of Laws at the University of Toronto.

Coming to Canada from India was a large financial commitment, so Riya was delighted – and relieved – when she found out that she was the winner of a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary worth £500. She says, “I was delighted to know I'd been chosen for a bursary!  And relieved too! The money is going to help pay off my international tuition fees, and therefore make my mother less stressed too. “ She continues, “Not to forget, it is an honour to list this bursary on my CV!” helped Riya make her decision to study overseas – and she hopes it will inspire and encourage other international students. She explains, “It has been a helpful site definitely with so much information made available at the click of a button. It is a great website and I hope it ends making many more people feel at ease about their life-changing decision to attend a foreign university." 

She chose the University of Toronto because it is such a world-renowned university for law with superb facilities. In fact her enthusiasm for her choice of law school is very much apparent. “The University of Toronto is unparalleled in its entirety. The opportunities available while pursuing the course masters here are abundant. I like the balance between the academics, the tailoring of the course.”

Riya is really enjoying her studies so far – finding it provides a fascinating insight into the contrasts in law globally. She explains, “The difference in laws with India is stark and it has been great drawing comparisons.” And as well as enjoying her studies, Riya is also really enjoying living in Toronto, she says, “I love the freedom. There are no judgements about clothes, shoes and no stares. Most importantly the women are safe everywhere they go. Such security is much needed in today’s troubled times.” Another attraction of Toronto for Riya is the stunning architecture. 

Speaking about her academic and career path, Riya explains, “I have always wanted to help people. The only way I saw this happening was as a teacher or a lawyer, and I decided to pursue law. The constant exposure to physical or digital injustice made me certain that law is my chosen path.”

We wish Riya the best of luck with her legal career.

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